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Domestic NAK80 mold steel mold manufacturing demand in Dongguan is strong but th

Author:YiShengbai    Date:2020-05-24 22:44:53

Dongguan's mold manufacturing industry is the main body of China's real economy, and is also an area with comparative advantages in international competition. As the basic industry of the manufacturing industry, the development of the mold manufacturing industry has gradually grown, and the mold steel sales market has gradually become an indispensable part of the upstream and downstream industries.

  With the continuous development of the mold industry, its scope of application is becoming wider and wider. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high output value, high efficiency, and high driving force, and all countries in the world attach great importance to the development. The rapid development of China's economy in the past 30 years is directly related to its growth and prosperity. However, the status and role of China's mold manufacturing in the world market are quietly changing, and the trend of transformation and upgrading is irreversible.

     In recent years, the domestic NAK80 mold steel industry has maintained an amazing growth rate of 31%, and the mold industry has achieved tremendous development. However, due to the constraints of technology and talents, the domestic NAK80 mold steel has a gap in service life, accuracy and advanced level. Increased, mostly belong to low-end products, high-end mold market demand gap is huge.

    The low-cost advantage that Dongguan Mould Manufacturing originally relied on has gradually diminished, and it has entered a new stage of development with rising costs. Some calculations show that in the past 10 years, China's labor costs have increased more than 5 times. The increase in wages year by year is a benign result of economic development benefiting the people, but it means a challenge for domestic mold manufacturing. The market competitiveness supported by low costs is bound to decrease as costs increase. Since the international financial crisis, some multinational companies in the labor-intensive field have shifted the manufacturing process to Southeast Asian countries with lower labor costs. This has already demonstrated this problem. : High-quality service, professional manufacturing technology, product development.

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