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Dongguan stamping NAK80 die steel industry standardization has a long way to go

Author:YiShengbai    Date:2020-05-24 22:45:16

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, Dongguan Changan's mold manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development. As the basis of the mold manufacturing industry, what is the current status of Dongguan Changan's mold steel industry? Can it meet and adapt to the rapid development of the mold industry? Experts believe that the production technology of Dongguan Changan Die Steel has achieved rapid development, and it has gone through a process from scratch, from imitation to self-development, which took only a few decades.

    According to the statistics of 15 domestic special steel mills, stamping NAK80 die steel companies have produced 400,000 T of alloy tool steel in recent years. Among them, the output of alloy die steel exceeds 320,000 tons, and the output of domestic die steel has been at the forefront of the world. Most of the foreign standard steel grades and mold steel grades in scientific research and trial production have also been produced and developed in China. Through several steel grade rectifications and standard revisions, stamping NAK80 mold steel has initially formed a series of mold steels with Chinese characteristics. Many new achievements have been made in mold steel production technology, variety quality, scientific research and development and application work. , Not only can basically meet the needs of domestic mold manufacturing, but also some exports, so that domestic NAK80 mold steel has a foothold in the world.

    Nowadays, major industrial countries in the world have formed relatively complete stamping NAK80 die steel industry manufacturing and processing standards, and have formulated national or association die steel industry standards. The industry standard is that the quality of stamping die steel products has been quickly and effectively improved.

    The mold is an indispensable special basic equipment in the manufacturing industry. The mold steel is an important raw material for mold manufacturing. It is widely used in the manufacture of cold punching, hot forging, and die casting molds. Therefore, the development of the mold steel industry is crucial to the mold industry . Due to the late development of China's mold steel industry, the gap between the mold steel industry and the developed countries. There are many gaps with developed countries in many aspects, and there is still a lot of work to be done in the future, that is, the improvement of NAK80 mold steel manufacturing industry standards, and there is still a long way to go.

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